Why should we know God?

-It does not matter to God whether one knows Him or not. We know God for fulfilling our own purpose. This world is full of miseries and man likes to be free from all sorts of miseries. Besides being free from miseries, he wants to enjoy unconditional happiness. Bliss is a quality of God. if one wants to have a thing  then one has to go to the possessor of that thing e.g. if one wants heat, he has to go near fire which possesses the quality of heat. All worldly things can give us pleasure but that is mixed with misery. Unconditional happiness/bliss is possessed by God only.

-WHAT IS THE NEED OF GOD? We should worship God for obtaining bliss, intelligence, knowledge, enthusiasm, contentment, power, patience etc. since God is the ocean of these qualities.

-Why we must know God? For the sake of easy understanding the subject, we may consider God as the ocean of all good virtues and for inculcating good virtues in us for enabling ourselves to deal with ourselves and others in the best possible way, we ought to go to this ocean and bring in our lives good virtues from there. There is a specific methodology to go to this ocean and bring good virtues, which is often called ‘Sadhna’.