What is the purpose of our life? What are life’s short term & long term goals?

-When our life's little / small deeds such as bathing, eating food, going somewhere, making purchases, watching Television etc. do have some reason or purpose (it may be to clean our body, kill hunger, meet someone, fulfil certain requirements, entertain ourselves etc.), then, it is not possible that our life of 80-90 years does not have any purpose.  Today, we are unaware of purpose of our lives. The goal of our life is freedom from the cycle of birth & death. We used the term –‘cycle of birth & death’. It means that our entire 80-90 year of lives are only a small segment of our endless journey. We have taken birth for innumerable times before our present births and also, we will take birth for innumerable times after this birth. If it is sure that after this life we will take birth for innumerable times, then what is the meaning of being free from the cycle of birth & death? If we act in a certain way, then for nearly 300 million years, we would not be born again.  Miseries are there, only if we take birth. Getting rid of miseries is possible only if there is no birth. Freedom from all miseries for nearly 300 million years is purpose of our life. Some people say that if we are to take birth again after completion of a specific period, then why should we make an effort for freedom from the cycle of birth & death? In answer to this, we may say that when we make every effort to kill hunger knowing for certain that after a few hours we again will be hungry, then, it is meaningless to say that we need not make efforts to go out of the bondage of birth & death, if again after the end of nearly 300 million years we will take birth. What are, now, the actions of special kind, because of which we do not have to take birth for a very long period of time? These deeds are called special because their fruit is-freeing us from the cycle of birth & death for a very long period of time. These deeds are - deeds necessary for accomplishment of Ashtang Yog.

-Receiving education, taking employment or occupation, earning money, taking care of family etc. are not the main goal of our life but are only the short term goals of our life. The main goal of our life is to be free from miseries, which is possible only by freeing ourselves from the cycle of birth & death (for a very long period of time). Since, it is not possible to go out of the bondage of birth & death without knowing God, who is the final eternal entity and after knowing God, there remains nothing to be attained, we can rightly say that our life’s goal is to know or realize Him.

       We see in this world that, if we want to go to Delhi, then first we must know where 'Delhi' is. For knowing the location of 'Delhi', we do not believe on anybody but we believe on that person only who himself has visited ‘Delhi’ or is a geographer (an expert in the study of geography). Once, we are confirmed about the location of ‘Delhi’, we decide about the means (bus, aeroplane, etc.) according to our financial capacity etc. to arrive at the destination. After that, we chalk out the program with the help of available tools (funds etc.). All these steps-involved in going to ‘Delhi’- are present also, in realizing God. A lot of people want to reach God, but they do not try to find out-where He resides?, why they should know Him?, How knowing Him frees them from the shackles of birth and death?, what is the path of going to God?,  what sort of preparation is needed to go to God? etc. Like ‘Delhi’ cannot be reached by simply pronouncing 'Delhi – Delhi’ likewise, God can not be reached by simply pronouncing ‘God-God’. Today, the so called spiritual people believe that simply by pronouncing certain words, they can reach God, which is totally wrong & misleading. 

-knowing the purpose of our life is very very important in the sense that only after knowing, we can proceed towards achieving that purpose. If we really want to know the purpose of our life, we must first of all develop more & more disciplined life through time management.

-Purpose of life, which is realization of God can be known or understood or realized only after knowing the purpose of creation of this world by God.