What is the importance of ‘Sandhaya?

Here, ‘Sandhaya’ does not mean evening time. But it means ‘to meditate in a good way’. Like day & night meet two times a day (first, when the Sun rises and second, when the Sun sets), these two times are considered ideal for meditation of God.

To think of God, certain mantras / shalokas of Vedas or other religious books, which are in accordance with teachings of Vedas have been selected. These mantras / shlokas contain prayers for power of our body & soul and appreciation (stuti) of God. In these mantras / shlokas, it too has been prayed that all the factors of success (besides, our actions) may be benevolent to us. As per Maharishi Dayanand, everyone, who ardently desires to realise God should meditate for at least two hours a day.  But in doing mediation of God, our duties determined by our social position should never be neglected, otherwise we are bound to earn sin for this.