What is meant by gods?

Hindus believe in many gods. There is a misconception that even in Vedas there is reference to many gods. ‘gods’ refer to the objects or things, which give & give to others and take nothing in exchange. ‘gods’ can be living as well as non-living beings. Accordingly, there are 33 types (not 33 crores ; sanskrit word ‘koti’ means type as well as crore) of gods-Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Aakaash, Moon, Sun, all heavenly bodies, ten Pranas, Jivatma, tweve months of the year, electricity and controlling power of all these thirty two gods which is called ‘Yaj’. All of these are called gods. According to Vedas none of these thirty three gods is worshipable. Instead, worshipable is only one God which is the creater of this universe. Wherever in Vedas come the words like Vishnu, Shiv etc. , they mean God because these are the names of God also describing certain qualities of God. They can be called qualitative nouns.