What is development? Which method do we use to measure a person’s success and why ?

Generally, the term ‘development’ is used to indicate the nature of progress as economic development, spiritual development, aesthetic developments etc. When this term is used independently then it means to refer to the soul of all sorts of progresses. Soul makes the thing meaningful. Then what is the soul of all sorts of progresses? Progress is meaningful only if it increases the capability of a person to feel less grief/misery. It is possible only by imbibing more and more knowledge. Today, we are concerned only in creating situations which bring less grief/misery to people but it is impossible to lessen grieves/miseries of people because people tend to be haunted by grieves/miseries not only by external situations but by their own nature also. And knowledge changes the nature of a person. Same set of situations bring more grief/misery to a person having lesser knowledge and lesser grief to a person having more knowledge. WE CAN SAY THAT SOUL OF ALL SORTS OF PROGRESSES IS KNOWLEDGE. WHEN THIS SOUL EXISTS, THERE IS DEVELOPMENT.

          In today’s world, which is full of ignorance, a successful man is one who possesses the characteristics considered desirable by it (world).

          To be able to befool others, to be able to make fun of others, to be able to deceit others to fulfill one’s purpose by one mean or the other, to be able to show off one’s possessions, to lead a luxurious life, to be able to draw more and more comforts from electronic goods etc. are considered the signs of success today. This yardstick to measure a person’s success is very-very wrong.