What is ‘Jayotish’? How is it related to knowing future? Can future be known? What is the benefit of knowing future?

All the celestial bodies whether they shine themselves or reflect the light of other bodies are called ‘Jyoti’ in Sanskrit language. The knowledge related to ‘Jyotis’ is called ‘Jyotish’. Under ‘Jyotish’ come the studies of the subjects like algebra, arithmatic, geology & geography. In ‘Jyotish’ we obtain the knowledge of various planets, moons, eclipses, climate, day, month, year, ‘yug’,’mnavanter’, ‘kalp’, dissolution of universe etc.  Being a science, there is nothing illogical in jyotish. But today instead of this science, jyotish has been linked with the fruits of jivatmas’ actions and is referred to foretelling of future. The very purpose of jyotish today is taken as foretelling of future, obtaining desired results and obviating the undesired results by use of horoscope, lines on hands, planetary influences, zodiac signs, particular movements in particular body-parts, dreams etc. Wish to know future and change it in accordance with one’s desire can be well seen amongst illiterate as well as literate people. This reflects the spread of ignorance in our society. The dishonest, mischievous and selfish people have written many books advocating ‘jyotish’ as a science of foretelling future. In this way, such people have served their own purpose by keeping the people away from truth.

As for as good or bad time is concerned, we must understand that there are many reasons behind success of a particular venture. Out of these reasons, if single reason is not present, then that venture becomes unsuccessful. For the success of a venture, presence of all the reasons should be planned. Time is non-living & is away from favourism and as such no question arises as to its being good or bad. Accordingly, if a particular venture is done at a time when all the reasons for its success are present, that venture becomes successful. For this reason only, time is called good.

In nowhere in any books written by Rishis, there is a mention that a particular date, month or time has any correlation with fruits of actions. In these books whenever there is a mention of specific time, it is related with climatic conditions & their effects.

                                                                                                                       -Dr. Dheeraj Arya (Book-Vedic Karamphal Sidhant in Hindi)

Like Earth, the other planets too are non-living and cannot be happy or sorrowful with any person.

The words by the names of planets found in Vedas do not refer to celestial bodies. ‘Jyotish’ is there in the Vedas but only as a study of the subjects mentioned above and not in connection with the fruits of actions of jivatmas. Following reasons prove the non-existence of ‘Phalit Jyotish’ i.e. jyotish linked with fruits of actions of jivatmas:

-Non-acceptance of possibility of any change in the knowledge, thoughts, characteristics, behaviour etc. in the time span from birth of a person to the occurrence of an event is very unprogressive.

-It is against our day-to-day knowledge to believe that position of planets on a particular time affects more than one jivatmas in the same manner & extent in the matters related with their bodily health and mental health.

-If all our actions are predetermined and can not be changed, then what is the necessity of knowing future?

Following two types of solutions are recommended by the so called astrologers for minimizing or removing the planetary influences over our lives:

1        To wear different types of stones, pearls etc.

2        To perform actions like putting flour etc. in water, to feed animals, to donate, to do ‘Havan’ etc.

Solutions recommended at No. 1 above are very illogical.

Solutions recommended at No. 2 are such sorts of actions, fruits of which by the principle of ‘Karmphal’ are good only. Because of such actions, fruits of bad deeds can get delayed. As such, acceptance of such sorts of solutions by both literate & illiterate persons is very pathetic.

Use of horoscopes for knowing the future is very popular. In horoscopes, there is a mention of the position of different planets at the time of birth. Here, everyone whether he believes in ‘Phalit jyotish’ or not will agree that blending of soul with a body is termed as birth. Now, the horoscope of a person is prepared in accordance of the time when the body comes out of mother’s womb and does not depict the position of different planets at the time of blending of soul with the body. Soul blends with the body or birth takes place on the union of the reproductive secretions of male & female. This means position of different planets mentioned in the horoscopes are approximately 9 months after taking place of birth, which means that the very base of knowing future is wrong. Why do literate people not think of this fact?


Effect of Planets

Everything of the universe affects the other non-living things of the universe e.g. a beautiful flower affects our mind and creates a desire in it for possession of the same, Earth attracts everything outside it up to a limit etc. Tides in seas are the effect of gravitational force of the Sun and the Moon. Jivatma does all its works through the body which is non-living. When Earth pulls body because of its gavity, then jivatma being dependent on body appears to have been pulled. The fact is- non-living things do not possess the power to attract living things (God and jivatma are the only living things). Since ‘Man’ is very near to soul, effect over ‘Man’  by any other non-living object is considered equivalent to be the ‘effect over soul’.

No non-living object can come in the way of independence of soul to act. Jivatmas enjoy independence to act in human bodies only. In other bodies like that of animals, birds and vegetation,  Jivatmas do not enjoy independence to act.