What is the importance of Budhi (intelligence) and how can it be sharpened?

‘The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.’- Bertrand Russell

‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.’- Einstein

-When without budhi life’s small jobs like purchasing of vegetables etc., reaching a destination on scheduled time, repairing the taps etc. cannot be done, then it is meaningless to even imagine that without budhi or vivek (intellect), we can get the objective of our life.

          Now, what is logic? In simple words we can say that logic refers to use of the questions like what, where, how, when etc. to know a thing. Whether answers so received are right or wrong is then decided by budhi. Budhi plays the role of a decider as it decides as to which answers are acceptable to it (and why?) and which answer are not acceptable to it (and why?) 

-Our logic and rationality (vivek) can be increased a lot. Our acts must correspond to our present vivek and should never be in accordance with the vivek of other persons, even if vivek of that person is higher than ours. Use of our intellect (vivek) is necessary for our advancement. In other words, we can say that doing acts in accordance with others’ viveks stops our own advancement. Is there any way to improve our vivek? Yes. Our vivek can be improved by reading or listening to the Vedas, Vedic literature or the works of the great vedic scholars. As such, do make it a habit to read the Vedas, Vedic literature or the works of the great vedic scholars daily for 20-30 minutes.