What is the correlation between logic and faith?

‘The less you know, the more you believe.’- E. Bono.

[It means that the more we believe, the more we know things with doubts.]

To believe the things decided by budhi (intellect) is faith (to believe a thing without the use of budhi or vivek  gives rise to blind faith and to use budhi without the motive of believing the decision of budhi gives rise to atheism). The field of budhi is limited to knowing actual meaning of a thing. When we know a thing, a sort of belief over that generates which is known as faith. Only after development of faith, a thing can be made a part of soul.  It is wrong to call belief over a thing without the application of vivek as faith. Without logic we can not have knowledge of anything.  A  wrong notion has developed amongst the people that if any topic is related with God, then there is no necessity of using budhi. When we all consider God to be epitome of knowledge and agree on His realization through knowledge, then to ignore importance of budhi in knowing a thing is totally illogical. By not accepting the importance of budhi in knowing a thing we are doing nothing but proving the system of ‘Shastrarth’ used for reaching at a conclusion  on a subject / topic in olden times as meaningless.