What are the necessary elements for creation?

There is a scientific principle that without three things, nothing can be created. Firstly, we must have maker of a thing. Secondly, there must be material out of which a thing is to be made of. Thirdly, there must be means necessary for creation / making like hands, tools, knowledge of making etc. Another thing which is required for creation / making of a thing is the object for which a thing is created or made. Sometimes, the object for which  a thing is made and maker of the thing are same. To better understand this whole concept, let’s illustrate it with a worldly creation like making of a clay-pot. Now, for making of a clay-pot, firstly, the maker of pot is must, secondly, there must be clay which is to be transformed into a pot, thirdly, the knowledge of making the pot, the means necessary for making the pot- hands etc. & buyer or demand-creator, should be available. (sometimes, maker of the pot and demand-creator of the pot is the same person). Like making of worldly objects, the creation of this universe too needs the availability of these three things.