God is called by a number of names like Shiv, Ganesh, Ganpati, Brahma, Vishnu, Luxmi, Sarasvati, Mahadev etc. Is single God called by different names or are there many Gods?

          As there exists many Suns and Moons in the universe, why shouldn’t we believe that there are more than one God? In the world, we generally see that if a thing is controlled by more than one controllers, it no more remains very systematic. As the creation and movement of this universe is very systematic, it in a way proves that creator of this universe and the creator of the laws according to which it moves is one and only one. Mantaras of Atharv Ved wherein, it is clearly mentioned that God is one and there is no one like Him in the whole universe are the word –evidence (Shabd-Praman) of this fact. In the Vedas and like books (written by Rishis) we find many names of God but it does not mean that there are many Gods. As attributes and actions of God are unlimited, in the same way His names too are unlimited. Based on different attributes and actions of God, He is called by different names in Vedas and other books written by Rishis. God’s personal name, which includes His unlimited attributes and actions is ‘Aum’.

Main Names of God

          Every name of God found in Vedas and books written by Rishis depicts one of the many attributes of God. For example-

Brahm --- The Biggest

Brahma --- Creator of Universe

Shiv --- One, who does welfare and welfare only

Vishnu ---- One, who pervades all living and non-living objects of the whole universe

Rudr --- One, who brings pain to the wrong doers

Ganesh/Ganpati --- Lord of All

Pita --- One, who feeds and saves

Dev --- Knowledgeable man and one, who imparts knowledge

Yam --- One who gives right (just) fruits of actions of all

Bhagwan --- One who has luxuries of all sorts

Chand --- Blissful and one, who is the source of bliss

Shakti --- Capable of creating the world

Luxmi --- Goal of Yogis

Saraswati --- Proper knowledge of words and their meanings

Advait --- One (Not Two)

Mahadev --- God of gods

          Personal name of God is ‘Aum’. God’s main characteristics is said to be ‘To save’. As such, it is appropriate to take the meaning of ‘saviour’ by the word ‘Aum’.