Evidences are tools used by our intellect (Budhi). What are they?

Evidences in Hindi/Sanskrit are called ‘Pramanas’. Through logic or in other words, through evidences, we are able to sort out a problem and reach at a conclusion. When knowledge of a thing passes on direct to our soul through our sense organs or ‘Man’, then that knowledge is said to be obtained through direct evidences. When we know a thing through inference, then the knowledge so obtained is said to be through the evidence called ‘Anuman – Praman’. (When we have a knowledge that two particular things happen together, then knowing one of those things through direct evidence, we can know the other thing by inference). When to reach at a conclusion, we use the words of some body as evidence, those words are called ‘Shabd Praman’. According to the nature of the subject, we use the words of a particular person as evidence. For example, for a child, words of his father on a subject are evidence for him and he can use this evidence to prove a thing. Similarly, a person may use the words of a physicist as evidence to prove a topic of physics.