Does God take birth?

God is eternal. God’s existence does not depend upon time (past, present and  future). Only souls blend with nature in accordance with God’s system, which is called birth. Souls continue to take birth as long as they get freedom from the cycle of birth and death. After obtaining the freedom from the cycle of birth and death, souls enjoy bliss of God for a very long period of time. The state of freedom from the cycle of birth and death does not absolve separate entity of souls. General belief is-on obtaining the freedom from the cycle of birth and death, souls get absolved in the entity of God. In the state of getting absorbed, entity of souls should vanish (a thing is set to be absorbed if it loses its entity) but soul too is said to be eternal i.e. beginningless and endless. By nature, God is free. As such, to believe that God takes birth is very unreasonable.

          Even people who believe that God takes birth also believe that He is present everywhere. Such people should think over the following questions:-

-         How can one having a body (having certain dimensions) be present everywhere? To be present everywhere, one has to be bodyless. Subtleness increases potentiality of a thing to pervade.

- When God is everywhere, then from where he comes in these bodies (coming to a place is possible where one is not present there) ?

-We all pray to the God to be free from this cycle of births and deaths, then why are we determined to believe that God has a body?

Because of keeping logic and rationality away from the subject of God

-         We have started believing that God, whom we pray to be free from the bondage of birth and death, Himself comes in the bondage of birth and death.

-         We have started believing that God, who is present everywhere, exists only at a particular place and in a particular form.

          God does not need hands for creation of universe. Being very-very fine, He is present everywhere and with His immense power, He brings Prakriti in its visible form. He makes the visible form of Prakriti to behave in accordance with a system and after a period of time brings back the Prakriti in its original form i.e. invisible form. Organs like hands are needed when the body in which movement is to be generated is different from that of hands but to raise one hand, second hand is not needed. Similarly, because God is present in every corner of nature, He does not need hands etc. for creation of universe. Because of being present every where, He can take the work of the sense organs without actually possessing them.

As God is omnipresent, all-powerful, omniscient etc., He does not have to take birth just to kill a few persons (like Ravan, Kans etc) or to make others believe of His presence. He can do such things without taking birth.