- Jyan Marg,  Karm Marg and Bhakti Marg do not mean absence of any of these. When we talk of Jyan Marg, jyan is primary and karm & bhakti follow it. And when we talk of karm Marg, jyan & bhakti are no doubt present but prominence is given to karm. Similarly, when we talk of Bhakti Marg, jyan & karm are present but prominence is given to bhakti. All the three aspects of life i.e. Jyan, Karm & Bhakti are inter-dependent. Jyan without Karm is meaningless, Karm without Jyan is worthless. Both Jyan & Karm become meaningful only if their aim is Bhakti. As such, true spirituality requires optimum combination of Jyan, Karm & Bhakti. Bhakti Marg actually means following the commands. In this sense, think over the meaning of the Hindi-words 'deshbakt' and 'swamibakt'. By 'deshbakt', we mean a being, who understands the command of the nation and by 'swamibakt' we mean a being, who accepts the commands of his swami (master). Likewise, bhakti refers to following the commands of God. ‘Surrender’ also means the same thing. Other meanings of these terms prevalent in the society are misleading and should be abandoned.