- There cannot be any unity in our thoughts and deeds until we all become like-minded as to the one, who should be worshiped by us all. As of now, we the Hindus worship hundreds of gods and still believe that God is one and all these hundreds of gods are manifestations (roops) of that one God. There is one simple method to know the truth. That method is use of RATIONALITY AND LOGIC in everything we believe or do.

- If we want to unite and have oneness in our thoughts, speech and movement, then it is must that we have the same God to depend upon. How is it possible when we believe different persons as God? It is possible only by knowing the true ‘swaroop’ of God. Knowledge of true ‘swaroop’ of God does not prevent us from paying our respect to our loved ones but it will encourage us to adore Him and only Him as God besides paying our respect to our loved ones.