‘Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it.’ -Edward de Bono

‘Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough and people will believe you.’-Joseph Gobbels 

- Truth is not affected in any way whether anybody agrees with that or not. Let’s take an example. Truth is that the Earth revolves around the Sun. This fact is not affected in any way whether we accept it or not. Truth does not need our belief but we need Truth for our own progress.

- Walking is possible only if we raise our back foot and place it firmly in front of us. Likewise, we can progress only if we get rid of our false beliefs and accept the truth firmly. For deciding about the truth we must make the best use of our vivek. And we should constantly strive for raising the level of our vivek through daily reading a few pages of the works of the Great Rishis, who happened to be scholars of Vedas.

- There is a common belief amongst us that untrue speech if made for the good of another being is equivalent to truth. Our untrue speech can benefit another being only for the time being (this time period may be a few days or the whole life time) only. In the long run our untruthful words are harmful for the speaker as well as for the other being. As such, we must always speak the truth and should not justify our untrue speech by thinking that it is equivalent to truth if it happens to be spoken for the benefit some other being. What is TRUTH? If our speaking matches with our feelings, then and only then we are speaking the truth.

- All agree that Universal Truths do not change. There are certain universal truths of spirituality as well as physical world. Spiritulity does not mean matters concerned with God only but it means dealing with other beings and nature as well. I intend to say that there are universal truths about how to deal with others in family, society, nation & world. We must find out those truths and stick to them for betterment of our family, society, nation & world. The only reliable source of knowing these universal truths about how to deal with others in family, society, nation & world are Vedas.

-Every sect is an outcome of some sort of budhi and budhi of two persons is always different. For this reason, beliefs of one sect are different from the beliefs of other sects. Beliefs of all sects are a combination of true beliefs and false beliefs (Here, true beliefs refer to those beliefs which remain true in all places, circumstances and time). One has to segregate between true beliefs and false beliefs of a sect with the aid of his budhi and follow only true beliefs of the sect. People who believe that following any belief with whole hearted dedication paves the way to ‘Mukti’ (salvation) are wrong because it is not possible to obtain the truth by putting whole hearted dedication in untruth. If a person starts digging a coal-hill with whole hearted dedication to obtain gold from there, then he cannot obtain gold even if digs for lakhs of years.

-In the way businessmen speak good of their products, likewise, heads of every religion say that beliefs of their sects are true. In such circumstances, onus is on the individual to differentiate between true beliefs and false beliefs with the use of his budhi. Soul of a person helps him in differentiating between true beliefs and false beliefs provided he is in the habit of listening the voice of his soul. Such person does not hesitate in leaving the wrong beliefs of his sect and accepting the true beliefs of another sect.

-‘Truth’ is one and is said in the relation to highest level of intelligence or consciousness. For men standing at different levels of consciousness, truth of a thing may differ. This is because ‘truth’ is not mathematical but it is affected by the levels of consciousness of persons.

-Every truth is not right. It may be wrong also. Suppose, a man is beating his wife, it is true but not right. We need to strive for the truth, which is right also. The best way to achieve this is to know truth through logic & rationality & follow it in our behaviour taking care of its righteousness.