- Some of the spiritual laws are mentioned below  :

1. God is present everywhere. He watches whatever we do mentally or physically and gives us fruits accordingly.

2. God’s knowledge is now enshrined in books named Rigved, Yajurved, Atharv Ved and Samved. Without imbibing the knowledge of Vedas, we can not attain our ultimate goal i.e. Mukti (freedom from the bondage of birth and death).

3. God is the creator and destroyer of this universe. Without knowing Him CORRECTLY we can not progress.

4. Without TRUTH we can do no good to our self, family, society, nation and world.

5. There are definite ways of dealing / behaving with other living and non-living objects e.g. the ways of behaving of a brother, mother, father, teacher, peasant, student, doctor, engineer, Govt. or private servant, king etc. & the ways of earning money and its usage etc. Firstly, our behaviour of dealing with other living and non-living objects should be RIGHT. Only then, we can proceed towards God.

6. Jivatma like God remains forever or never dies but it has characteristics different from God. God provides body to jivatmas. Possession of body by jivatmas is called birth and whoever has taken birth, dies. God does not need any body to perform His tasks.

- Physical Laws and Spiritual Laws are supplementary to each other. As Pran (Breathing) gives life to the body, likewise, Spiritual Laws make the Physical Laws meaningful. They both are meaningless without each other. Vayavhar (behaviour) and dharm cannot be differentiated.

-Everything of this world except independence of soul to act is pre-defined and cannot be changed. To explain, no one can change the systems created by God e.g. ears have been created / made for the purpose of enabling souls to hear the outward sounds.There are specific patterns of behaving of natural elements which are called natural laws. No person can change these systems created by God. Likewise, there are specific method by which man can fulfil his duties (duties towards his family, society, nation etc.), which can be called spiritual laws e.g. sin is always punished with misery etc. When we can not change the systems created by God, then we must bow down and worship God (Stuti, prarthana and Upasana are the three ways of doing worship of God) for giving us the potential to stick to His directions in all worldly situations.