- There is ONLY ONE WAY OF DOING THE ‘SADHNA’ i.e. the acts necessary for achieving the long term goal of our life. All will agree that speaking the truth is the basic element of ‘Sadhna’. There can not be more than one way to speak the truth. This proves that there is one and only one way of doing the ‘Sadhna’. And that one way of doing the ‘Sadhna’ is Yog consisting of eight parts. We all must have the basic knowledge of ‘Sadhna’ i.e. its elements, its purpose, method etc. Why? By having the basic knowledge of ‘Sadhna’, (i) no one can befool us in the name of ‘Sadhna’. (ii) We will be independent to proceed towards that path.

-In today’s time, doing certain physical exercises only is termed as Yog. This is not true. In spiritual field, Yog is a method by which one can unite his self with God. And only a healthy man is fit to unite his self with God. It is wrong to call exercises aiming at keeping this body & mind healthy to be Yog. Example, it is wrong to call ‘EATING’ as Yog even if purpose of eating is to keep this body healthy.