- There are two parts of the knowledge. One is theoretical knowledge and the other is practical knowledge. Whole of the Spiritual Laws (theory) can be summed up with a little bit of detail regarding them in around 100 pages only. ‘We all must speak the truth’ is a Spiritual Laws in theory. It can be learnt in a very short span of time. But practice portion of this law takes very very long time. And always theory proceeds practice. But today what to talk of practice of spiritual laws, even theoretical portion of these laws is known by a very few people only. Certain scholars use the term ‘knowledge’ to mean practical knowledge as it automatically includes theory in itself.

- Knowledge about God, Beings (Jivatmas) and nature (Prakriti) is necessary for us to be obtained so that we can make the best use of the things around us for fulfillment of our purpose of life. Today, there are misconceptions towards nature and deeds of Ishwar (God), Jiv (Souls) & Prakriti (Nature). Ishwar is very minute (sooksham). As such, we shall talk of it later. By Jiv we mean jivatmas or beings of this world (considering this the only world). To have knowledge of jivatmas, we must know about their nature & characteristics so that we deal with them in a better way towards fulfilling our motto. All the inert objects which we see around us and through which we deal with others are made up of Prakriti (nature). We must also have the knowledge of all natural objects for their proper usage while dealing other beings. God is the 'doer' only of the things or acts which only & only He can do like creation of this universe etc. For other worldly things, only Jivatma is the doer and not the God. We and only we are responsible for our behaviors.