- Healthy body and mind are the only sources available to us to know the purpose of our life, to accumulate the necessary means and to obtain the knowledge about usage of those means to achieve our purpose of life. As such, only those things (eatables and thoughts) should be put into our body which can make it healthier. Meat, is not considered good for our health. Since, meat can never be obtained without doing Hinsa (violence), it is considered bad for our mental health. For our physical health too, it is not considered good for the reason that it is not our natural food. Good food habits lie at the base for gaining spiritual knowledge.

- We must consciously put healthy eatables in our body and good thoughts in our mind, as healthy body & mind are the only sources available with us to do good to the society and to ourselves. As such, we are required to be cautious enough while deciding about eating /  seeing / viewing / watching / reading / listening and while sensing objects through our sense-organs. By doing these, we can walk better on the path of ‘Sadhna’ (acts necessary for achieving the purpose of life).