It is believed that to move towards God, one must have a teacher (guru). But there is no system by which only a person, who himself has realised God, can be a teacher (guru). To be a teacher, neither one is required to attain any specific capability nor he has to seek permission of anyone. Because of this, even incapable persons become teachers and they spread their thoughts through books, stories, shalokas, sayings etc. in such a way that many people become their followers. There is a general belief that once a teacher (guru) has been selected, then it is wrong to doubt his thoughts even if he happens to be foolish, thief, characterless and sinner.  The fact is-one must go on changing his teacher (guru) until and unless true teacher i.e. the one, who himself has realised God, is found without accepting the advices of his earlier teachers like a person,  who goes on changing doctors until he finds the one, whose treatment benefits his condition. There is another belief that since teacher (guru) shows us the path towards God, he deserves respect in preference of God. If we accept this belief to be true, then we need to respect those followers who suggested us that teacher in preference of the teacher himself. Looking at the present scenario, when it is impossible to discriminate between true and false teacher, it is better to move towards God without a teacher with a body. Our vivek only should be our teacher.