- All will agree that whatever we get, has been earned by us. But simultaneously, there is a belief that good habits will come to us, if we happen to obtain God’s grace without any thing to do on our part to earn those good habits. Let’s understand this, through an example. If we want to inculcate habit of speaking the truth in ourselves, God’s grace will not directly bring this habit in ourselves. There is only one method of bringing this habit in ourselves and that is through obtaining the knowledge of what is truth and what is untruth. And no knowledge can be obtained without use of vivek (judging capability of mind). After obtaining the knowledge, we have to practice speaking the truth (according to our intellect) till it becomes our habit. Likewise, other good habits have to be earned by ourselves. We must believe that we and only we are responsible for our good and bad habits. Now, what is GOD’S GRACE? God’s grace refers to increase in our abilities and knowledge. Showering of God’s grace mean selection of human beings, depending upon quantum of their good deeds, for increasing their abilities and knowledge.