- Elders get a good feeling on giving something to the persons younger to them. We can see that elders try to give the best things (although within their means) to their friends, kiths & kins. But the knowledge of best things depends upon the knowledge of elders. This means that before deciding about the gifts, elders should have knowledge of all the possible things & only after obtaining such knowledge, elders can decide about the best thing which they will like to gift. Ultimately, elders can easily be convinced that gift of the knowledge of the purpose of our life can be the best gift. In a summary, we can say that all the elders, who want to gift something to their friends etc. should first of all themselves have the knowledge of the purpose of life and then impart that knowledge to their dear ones for the simple reason that before imparting a thing one must possess that thing.

-The method of gifting a thing is that before deciding about the thing to be gifted, range of the products available, their affordability and the person for whom gift is desired to be made are pinpointed. Let’s understand this assertion through an example. Suppose, ‘A’ is to make a gift to his child. After taking such decision, he will pinpoint the thing to be gifted like clothes, games, electronic appliances etc. Let it be cloth. Then, he will visit a cloth-shop for buying a cloth. He will select the best cloth / garment as per his eyes and pocket. Here, he will also make sure that all the variety of clothes / garments available in the shop has been shown to him by the salesman. If somehow, he has a feeling that not all the variety of the thing has been shown to him, he will like to visit some other shop as well. Finally, he will purchase the best thing, which is within his financial constraints, out of the available variety. This method for gifting a thing is used only in respect of worldly things. On the first hand, very very few people are desirous of gifting a non-worldly thing to their loved-ones and those wishing to make a non-worldly gift to their friends etc. do not adopt the above procedure in gifting a thing. The best gift to be made is the gift of thoughts, which will help him / them to move towards getting the purpose of life. For this, first of all, we ourselves must be familiar with the thought of purpose of life and the means required to attain that, the source, where such thoughts are available, the price we will have to pay for acquiring such thoughts etc.