The best way to celebrate one’s birthday is to analyse one’s achievements towards knowing the purpose of life and moving towards that direction. We must show some respect to our deeds because of which we are given this life of man. There can be said to be two things-(i) knowing the purpose of life (ii) moving towards achieving the purpose of our life. It is true that for moving towards achieving the purpose of life, we must first know the purpose itself. But in a certain time period, we do both the things simultaneously i.e. we refresh our purpose of life and move in the direction of achieving what had been thought by us to be our purpose of life. For doing the ibid two things, we must first realize that by passage of each moment, our life diminishes or shortens. It will enable us to start respecting time.. It is through time management only, that we can know  the purpose of our lives and move towards achieving that purpose. While deciding the purpose of life push away the basic hurdles, behind not accepting the truth, which are- stubbornness / rigidness and mentality of not going against present beliefs.