Who are Aryas? Can every human being become Arya? What are the principles, which a man should imbibe before being called Arya?

The term 'Aryas' do not refer to any race but the word 'arya' mean men of true principles regarding humanity. Approximately 200 crore years earlier, first men landed on the Earth in today's ‘Tibbat’. The earliest men were called aryas because they developed their life styles perectly in accordance with the teachings of vedas, the ultimate knowledge bestowed by God on four persons amongst the earliest men. (For obtaining answer to the question that why knowledge of vedas was bestowed By God on certain specific persons amongst the earliest men can be found in the book 'Rigvedadibhashyabhoomika'; the term 'vedas' literally means 'knowledge' and with the passage of time this 'knowledge' took the form of books).  With the passage of time, the earliest men got settled on this portion of the Earth because of which it was called Aryavratt. As such, aryas are natives of this land and they are not any sort of invaders as is being taught today in history books. In old scriptures of our country also, our country has been called as Aryavratt. In other Countries where 'Arya' people used to go for business purposes, they were started to be called as “Hindus”.

Like anyone can become doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher etc. provided he obtains the knowledge of the related field, likewise any human being can be arya provided he obtains the knowledge of principles, necessary of becoming great men.

          1st Principle of aryas – to know the meaning of the phrase-belief in God.

          2nd Principle of aryas – to know about three unending entities – God, soul (Jivatmas) and nature.

          3rd Principle of aryas – to know a thing as it is.

          All the beliefs of aryas can be summed up in these three basic principles.

Here, by knowledge we mean inscription of the meaning of the words on one’s self.