Can existence of God be proved?

Following reasons prove the existence of God. The reason of doing this is to prove the people, who say that existence of God cannot be proved, wrong.

  1. By the creation of universe we mean making the bodies of jivatmas & making of different celestial bodies. It takes only a little thinking to realise the vastness of this universe, which comprises thousands of galaxies, which again comprises thousands of Suns and their planets. We every day see that everything which has been generated / produced / made, comes to an end. As such, it is proved that if creation of things is there, dissolution of those things too is there. But a thing cannot be created or dissolved on its own. Just as without parents, a being cannot take birth, without maker things like aircrafts, trains, buses, machines etc. cannot be made, in the same way different objects of this universe cannot come into existence on their own. Different objects of this universe too point towards their creator and this creator of the universe is known as God. (creation by God like that of panch mahabhuts-earth, water, fire, air and aakash, celestial bodies and bodies of jivatmas is called ‘daivik creation and creation by man like that of different machines, buses, trains etc. is called ‘jaivik’ creation.) Saying of the people that this universe happened to come into existence by automatic combination of different atoms cannot be scientifically proved by evidences because if we accept that this universe was created by combination of atoms, then combination of atoms happens to be an action and action cannot be done without a doer. Such saying can be countered in another way also.  Isac Newton, who is called father of modern science, propounded a principle by which a thing remains in a state of rest or motion till an external force is applied on that thing. This outward force is God. Without an outward force or God, to think of creation of universe is very illogical and foolish idea from the point of view of modern science.
  2. We can see that all the living and non-living objects of this universe are intelligently planned and systematic. Without a controller, everything is bound to be in a haphazard state but systems of this universe are so intelligently bound with each other that no chaos is ever noticed in these systems. It proves that there is a power that creates& maintains everything of the universe in an intelligent and systematic way and this power is called God.
  3. We notice that bodies of beings on death assume such rest that they cannot be revived even by the efforts of doctors, medicines and machines. This proves that there was a power which was making those bodies live and when that power left the bodies, they became dead. This power is called jivatma. (There is a principle that when a thing shows certain attributes on presence of a certain other thing and such attributes disappear on absence of that other thing, then such attributes are considered to be that of the other thing. According to this principle, happiness, pain etc. are seen in beings when they are live and not seen on their death, which means that happiness, pain etc. are the attributes of jivatmas blended with the bodies of beings). Jivatma does not come into a body on its own. Had there not been an entity separate from jiatma, jivatma would never come into a deformed body or a body suffering from some ailments. Jivatma would always blend itself with a beautiful body and would never face any pain including that of death. The power, which according to the actions of jivatma makes it come into a specific body and bear pains etc. is called God.
  4. Howsoever vast a group of non-living elements may be, it cannot ever become living. Himalaya is a vast non-living structure but it has not been able to convert its 'non-living' character to a 'living' character. Similarly, the vast ocean, trains, buses etc. have not been able to become living. This fact proves that there is living power separate from non-living objects. There is another living entity which is even greater than earlier living entity and which blends the first living entity with the non-living atoms according to a proper system. These living powers are called jivatma and God respectively.
  5. We observe in the world that in the times of crises, man prays to God for help and feels a sort of calmness in doing so. It is just like a child stops crying on receiving his mother’s shelter. This condition can be seen amongst the so called atheists also. Such sort of behaviour & tendency prove that God exists.
  6. Everyone gets feelings of enthusiasm, happiness & fearlessness on thinking of doing a good act and on the contrary he gets the feelings of shyness, fear and shamefulness on thinking of doing a bad act. But owing to his ignorance, lethargy, bad ‘Sanskaras’ etc. he fails to respond to such feelings and does a bad act. Our internal system is such that we can know whether a particular act is good or bad but it requires purity of our ‘’Man’ to hear the voice arising in our self. God creates this universe by using his endless knowledge as a mean of creation and we get a glimpse of God’s this knowledge in our self when we think to do a good or bad act. All this prove that God exists, which can be supported by following shabd-praman (word-evidence) of maharishi Dayanand-‘The feelings of enthusiasm, happiness & fearlessness on thinking of doing a good act and that of shyness, fear and shamefulness on thinking of doing a bad act arising in the jivatma are not from jivatma but from God who pervades jivatma’
  7. Some of the western scientists of the modern science agree to the idea of existence of God. Yes! Scientists agree that God cannot be proved in laboratories but it is wrong to conclude thereby that God does not exist. Till now scientists have failed to prove the existence of even jivatma in laboratories but in our society we do see birth & death. Day by day science is unraveling the facts of this universe. Unraveling of a fact does not mean that it did not exist before its coming to light. Below we are giving the view of two great personalities of modern science.

“All this material universe is the handwork of one omniscient and omnipotent creator”

– Isac Newton (Book – Prince Pia by Isac Newton)

 “I believe in god who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of the universe. I believe that intelligence is manifested throughout all nature. The basis of all scientific work is the conviction that the world is an ordered and comprehensive entity and not a thing of chance”

– Einstein (Book – Science and the idea of god by WW.Earnest Hacking.)